Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor
With a CV that the Times described as 'takes some beating', Hamish Taylor has an award winning record of driving innovation and change in a number of very different environments and is now recognised as one of the world's leading experts in Innovation/Change, Customer Focus/Brand Management and Performance.
Hamish brings a rare combination of an outstanding CV (someone who has really done it!) and a fantastic ability to inspire audiences - delivered through stories about his own experiences, tailored advice and practical tools; and his enthusiastic, humorous style.
Over 200 organisations in 30 different countries have sought Hamish's inspiration and guidance and he is regularly featured in the broadcast media. Without fail, he receives outstanding testimonials from his customers - from Prime Ministers and CEOs to front line staff; from major multi-nationals to small groups; from Sales/Marketing and Executive teams to HR, Risk and Finance. Whatever  the audience, Hamish's lessons provide relevant and practical ways of achieving breakthroughs. 
Hamish learned about brand management during the time he spent with blue chip organisations including Procter and Gamble. He was a Management Consultant at Price Waterhouse, Head of Brands at British Airways, CEO of Eurostar, and CEO of Sainsburys Bank an all the roles before he was 40! In each case, he left behind a record of significant growth/turnaround triggered by a willingness to challenge industry/organisation norms and place the customer at the core of all activities. 
He has also been dubbed the 'master thief' by the Inspired Leaders Network due to his record of stealing ideas from one environment to use in another (including yacht designers for  the design of aircraft interiors, Disney to help improve airport queuing, and rugby referees for new approaches to risk/compliance).
Hamish specialises in keynote speeches but he is also much in demand for facilitation and/or masterclasses (including interactive exercises) and he  is happy to tailor his messages to specific audiences.