Guy Browning

Guy Browning

Guy Browning

Guy Browning is the David Attenborough of the business jungle. A long-standing columnist in The Guardian and the man behind the Pocket Guru column in the Daily Telegraph, he also presents Guy Browning’s Small Talk on Radio 4.
Creativity and Innovation in Business

Guy is the founder of an innovation consultancy, which helps organisations brainstorm new products and services, new ways of working and new ideas for communication. Clients include Bank of Scotland and Unilever.


Originally Creative Director of Added Value and before that a copywriter, Guy is an acknowledged expert on the use of creativity in business. He is unquestionably one of the most engaging conference presenters and after dinner speakers in the country. Guy also runs Brainpower workshops, where he demonstrates how to use basic intelligence, initiative and imagination to tackle core business issues.

Guy gets back to basics, cutting through the mass of business clichés to sort out what really matters from what really, really doesn’t. In his book Grass Roots Management, he tackles the perennial HR challenge of inspiring the workforce.

Aside from business theory, Guy has written some of the funniest books in circulation, including:

Weak at the Top: The uncensored diary of the last cave manager
“Monday. Recruitment Week! This is where I play God and toy with other people’s lives. Found one with skydiving under interests. Crossed him off - can’t have employees who are more interesting than you are.”

Double Your Salary, Bonk Your Boss, Go Home Early
“The key interface you have with your boss is the appraisal. This is where you have an exchange of opinion with your boss. It's called an exchange of opinion because you go in with your opinion and come out with their opinion.”

Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade
"Being nice in business is like being nice on the roads. Everyone likes you but you don't get anywhere."

Jellyfish was the surprise Christmas hit of 2004.

‘Your performance appears to be unique in that everyone has scored you in the highest category possible’
Halifax General Insurance