Giant Scalextric's (slot car racing)

Slot Car Racing - Giant Scaletrix

Most know of it as Scaletric, the toy, but probably do not appreciate the potential as a participation event.  The game is ideally suited to corporate groups, for team building, developing a client business relationship or maybe an extra activity at a party.  This activity also makes an ideal centre piece at a promotion or exhibition.

The event is structured into a competition with a well thought out set of rules to fit the situation.  Skilled staff using computerised scoring and game management ensures a challenging tournament.  Murray Walker style commentary adds to the excitement.

Most of the players rise to the challenge with a genuine passion. Often perceived, as a boy's thing we can assure you this is only half-correct as women players are frequently amongst the best.  Sexist remarks about lady drivers may be the motivating factor!

We offer a mobile service that can be set up almost anywhere.  Our tracks are specially built to club racing specifications.  Free from car de-railing bumps and intermittent power supply faults common with popular makes of track.  Sharp bends can be frustrating for novice drivers, as cars will de-slot easily.  Our tracks have gentle turns even on the inside of an eight-lane circuit.  Only specially built tracks can offer this.

  • Corporate entertaining: - team building, client entertaining, Xmas parties etc.
  • Need an attraction for an exhibition stand? This event is it.
  • Challenging game of skill and tactics.
  • Simple enough for all to take part.
  • Almost any size group can be entertained.
  • Complete with staff who will organize the event into a genuine competition.

The scale drawings of the layouts, give track dimensions. Add 2000mm or 6ft to the overall track size to get minimum room size.

Setting-up tracks at venues takes about 1hr although an extra 1hr is generally allowed for contingency. Packing away takes about 40min. Equipment will fit in all but the tinniest lift so events can be held on any floor. i

If flights of stairs are unavoidable prior notice is appreciated. Extra staff are sometimes required to carry the equipment.

"Hello" Magazine Feb 2001 ran an article on Jenson Button’s 21st Birthday party. Jenson was quoted as saying "The Scalextric was great, I even managed to play on it."

How did he get on? You may wonder if an F1 star can perform at this event? We had a very enthusiastic crowd that night. Running a competition to be the fastest driver over 6 laps. Competition was fierce; several men had been trading fastest times for about an hour. The rules were "crash & burn" which meant if the car came out of the slot you were out of the race. All players so far had taken a number of races to get anywhere near a win. Jenson had two races and while not taking the fastest time he won both races without incident. A remarkable start, unfortunately he was too much in demand for another go. The picture gallery has a copy of Jenson driving at the event.