Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch is described by Later Magazine as "Britain’s toughest business guru". The Financial Times featured him as the country’s most prolific business advisor, saying, "he is tough, very funny and quite abrasive enough to get the fur flying in discussions". 

The author of two international best sellers, one about setting up your own business and the other about salesmanship. 'Resistance is Useless' is about changing people’s opinions on any subject, transforming your enemies into your bosom buddies and how to sell tanks to Genghis Khan! 'Go It Alone' is the indisputable guide for every entrepreneur in the making.


A natural wit, Geoff always has an opinion on everything. A great character, who arrives on the stage of business conference on his motorbike, a Kawasaki called Gladys.

Born in Cheltenham, Geoff went to Cheltenham College of Art and Design where he obtained a degree in advertising. He went on to work in advertising and sales before deciding to set up his own business consultancy. 

Geoff’s father was a Viennese psychiatrist and he called on his expertise to develop a method which works on the psychology of the customer.  His first company was called Sales Coach. Though unconventional, Burch is extremely popular and is booked by blue chip companies and corporations worldwide.