Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan

Former International gymnast Gabby Logan has made her mark on British sport. As one of the leading football presenters on television, she is in constant contact with players and managers both on and off screen.

Married to Scottish Rugby International Kenny Logan, Gabby's life away from TV is just as sporty. A recent poll put Gabby and Kenny in the top ten of Britain's all time best sporting couples.


Gabby's access to top performers has given her the chance to study success at close quarters.

She has discovered that it is not just innate skill and scientific training that makes the difference. Her presentation analyses some techniques that the sporting greats use to get the best out of themselves and the people around them.

The combination of a Law Degree, sporting family background, high profile sports presenting and personal experience as a top-level gymnast makes her presentation unique.

As a speaker she shows the professionalism, drive and flare that has taken her to the top as a broadcaster in a male dominated sport.

Her funny and insightful anecdotes will provide and entertaining, informative and motivational addition to a conference or a lively female alternative at the end of dinner.