Fun Fair Stalls Hire

Funfair Stalls Hire - Fairground Side Stalls

Roll up Roll up and enjoy all the fun of the fair with traditional Funfair Stalls and Fairground Side Show Stalls.  They are a popular attraction at any event and will provide your guests of all ages with hours of timeless fun and games. Fantastic timeless fun at all events!

Our stall attendants are dressed smartly in striped waistcoats and straw boaters, which helps create a traditional funfair atmosphere around the stalls.
The Funfair Stalls are perfect for Themed Events, Fun Days, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Promotional Events and all kinds of event. 
Funfair Stall games act as the perfect icebreaker activity at Weddings too.  Giving your guests the time to mix and mingle and play during photos and then when your evening guests arrive too.  We're happy to swap games around in the stalls, which gives you added variety and value for money.
Please discuss with us if you would like your games themed to suit your event.
All Stalls can be used both INDOORS and OUTDOORS and optional lighting is available on request for night time use.
All the games are Family Friendly and suitable for use by both CHILDREN & ADULTS alike.
SEASONAL EVENTS are so much fun with our Christmas and Halloween themed games, available on request.
The standard stalls games available are as follows...
What could be more traditional at the fair than the coconut shy.  The aim of the game is simple, knock the coconut off the stand to win a prize!

Take aim or just pull the trigger and hope for the best.  Knock a target off the shelf to win a prize.  Our cork guns are safe to use by ages 6 and above, it's a very addictive and competitive game.


Probably the most frustrating game which causes guests to try and try again to score over 50 with 3 darts.. It's as easy as that!!

Another game which you either have the luck of the draw or you just can't seem to master.  Participants attempt to throw a hoop over the prize and block to win the prize.


The tin can alley, probably the noisest of our games with the tins falling from the shelves.  The aim is simpel, knock the stack of cans off the shelf to win a prize.. But make sure your aim is spot on!

Keep a steady hand and hook two ducks that add up to 11 or more and then pick a prize.  This game is a favourite with any age group.

Perfect for wild west themed events, our cactus lasso is a fun hoopla style game, in which the participants have to lasso a cactus with the rope hoops supplied to win a prize.

Another traditional funfair game, ball in a bucket is frustratingly difficult, and creates that bit of tension when you just need one more to win!

Make sure your aim is spot on to win.. Get a ball through the clowns mouth and you can pick a prize.

The 'HIGH STRIKER' is a perfect addition to your fair fair stalls booking! You can flex your muscles then test your strength and see if you can make the bell ring.
The High Striker is suitable, and lots of fun, for all ages and it will make a perfect addition to your Fun Fair Stalls to keep guests entertained.
It's very easy to use. By simply striking the target as hard as you can with the hammer, send the puck all the way to the top. If you can ring the bell you will be going home with a prize!
POPCORN & CANDY FLOSS Fun Food Carts are available, please see more information here.
If requested, games can be changed half way through your event, to provide a variation.

Additional info

For further information on funfair stall hire and other items that we own and operate, please see our sister website

All stalls require an operation space of 10'x7', with the exception of the COCONUT SHY STALL, which requires an operational space of 12'x7'.

If there are any specific games you would like then please advise prior to your event.