Frank Dick OBE

Frank Dick OBE - Motivational Speaker

Renowned as one of the country’s best and most consistently inspiring motivational speakers, and the current President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, member of the IAAF Coaches Commission as well as Chair (and architect) of the IAAF Academy, Dr. Frank Dick O.B.E. has combined his talent for inspiring sporting achievement with the business world.

By recognising the synergy between effective coaching techniques on the playing field and in the office, over the years he has developed a range of inspirational keynote speech themes, workshop topics and bespoke employee development programmes that remain as popular and relevant today as ever.

His expertise derives from years of detailed research into individual success and achievement. Frank combines this wealth of knowledge and experience into an informative and motivational approach to achieving long-lasting transformation of both individual and team performance.

Plus, with the recent launch of Loughborough University’s Institute of Excellence, a joint venture between the world class sporting expertise of the University and its Business School, which aims to further cross the boundaries between sporting achievement and success in the corporate world, Frank’s involvement as Chair of the Institute’s Concept Board means even more commitment to bringing these two worlds together.

With a history of sporting excellence through coaching some of the best talent - Boris Becker and Daley Thompson, to name just two - he has, over the past 15 years of speaking to 100’s of companies both in the UK and around the world, recognised six key areas of personal and professional development that, once taken out of a “training room” mentality and put into a different context, can lead to individual and team progress simply by giving a different perspective.

In 2005 Frank launched wellgoal. An interactive tool used as a means of a personal lifestyle system check and a framework for his '

WellGoal Workshops'. His new standalone presentation on 'Managing Your Three Lane Motorway' offers an insight into these new learning tools and tips on how to improve the management of your health and wellbeing, both in and outside of work.

Author of three major publications, 'Sports Training Principles', 'Winning' and 'Winning Lines', all classics in their fields.

Franks contribution to sport and coaching has been recognised in being awarded an OBE in 1989, induction to the UK Coaches Hall of Fame in 1999 and the prestigious title "UK Sporting Hero" by Sport UK in 2001.