Felix Brent English Gent

Felix Brent English Gent

Comedy Mix and Mingle Entertainment / Victorian Themed Entertainment.  Felix will tour your event with his mini penny farthing, bringing a touch of Victorian splendour to your event.

"Felix Brent - English Gent" - A Victorian Genius!

He's a very well spoken charmer of a chap, complete with penny farthing. "Rah rah, I'm riding my BICYCLE!!" He shouts, as if the world has never even heard the word 'bicycle' before.

He has a box full of tricks that he 'acquired' (read 'pinched') from his "Old Uncle Silas" and proceeds to show the people gathering around some of the trickery. Rope magic, card/coin magic, hat tricks, cup 'n' balls simultaneously with both hands, the yoyo, 'anti gravity juggling' (bounce balls), plenty of audience participation including the Handstand of Doom and the Walk of Death...

He then goes on to his rant about the youth of today and his 'Vision of the Future' whereby our lives will be overrun with technology, including the dazzling robotics sequence (including amazing sound effects) and crystal ball manipulation.

All topped orf with a good measure of comedy penny farthing stunts, it becomes an hilarious thirty (ish) minute show, or many satellite ten minute shows depending on venue suitability. Also available on stilts. As seen on TV.