Cabaret Juggling / Dance Show

A breathtaking spectacle of choreographed colour where highly technical juggling is fused with dance and cutting edge technology. This completely unique double­ act has been performed in 32 countries around the world.

Beautiful patterns of light are traced through the air during the high­ impact stage show as the clubs and Pixel­Poi change colour in perfect synchronisation with the upbeat musical soundtrack. The props are programmed precisely to create a fantastic variety of colourful shapes and laser beams as they are thrown and manipulated by the accomplished jugglers.

The equipment (patent pending) is uniquely designed and built by Feeding the Fish and on request can be specially programmed to display a client's logo, colour­branding or choice of text at the high point of the Pixel­Poi finale.

Second generation Pixel­Poi are now incorporated in all performances of ‘Flux’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’. Alongside the capability to make an almost infinite variety of breathtaking patterns, they can display far more accurate representations of logos or graphics than ever before. Pixel­Poi images now have a higher definition, dozens of colour shades and multiple words can be programmed to appear simultaneously.



Additional info

Flux show duration: 12 minutes Stage size: 6 metres x 4 metres x 4 metres height clearance.


"There is nothing quite like this anywhere in the world.  Feeding the Fish have taken this specialized concept to a new dimension." - Juggling Magazine (Italy).

"Excellent. That was really excellent. But how did you get the colours to change? I didn't know if it was me or the drink !" ­John Prescott (Former Deputy Prime Minister).