Dr James Bellini

Dr James Bellini

Dr James Bellini is a futurist, analyst, broadcaster and regular consultant to business and governments around the world. James is an expert in the future outlook for business and particularly within the context of the internet, virtual markets and related developments in e-culture and business re-invention.

He focuses on key management challenges related to issues of collaborative commerce, new business ‘eco-systems’, future consumer trends and concerns about the security of digital information flows and transaction data.


After a Masters from Cambridge, a PhD from London School of Economics and a spell as university lecturer he was the first British member of the renowned US-headquartered futurology ‘think-tank’, the Hudson Institute founded by Dr Herman Kahn. He subsequently joined BBC TV as editor/presenter of The Money Programme, Newsnight and Panorama. This was the beginning of more than twenty years as a television programme maker on business and politics, including three years with Financial Times Television and four years with Sky News.

Dr Bellini was a senior consultant with the Henley Centre for Forecasting and the Economist Intelligence Unit and regularly works with leading IT names such as Hewlett Packard exploring the ‘New Economy’. He is founder of Media Counsellors, a UK based communications consultancy and the author of numerous books, special reports and analytical papers on social, political and business trends.

Recent speaking and conference moderating invitations have taken him to Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, the United States and to practically every country in Europe. His latest UK engagements include work with — amongst others — Institute of Management, London Business School, Lloyds TSB, Legal & General, Microsoft, Camelot, Arcadia, Colgate-Palmolive, Motorola, Compaq and DERA [the Defence Research Agency]. He was recently engaged by the UK Cabinet Office on the launch of its e-government strategy.

Speaker on the future; conference facilitator; TV broadcaster

A member of the global future forum, James describes himself as ‘an historian of the future’ with a close interest in key challenges faced by current and future management up to Horizon 2020:

Speaking topics

• the business implications of emerging technologies – Internet III and the wireless world
• new business ‘eco-systems’
• the shape and style of tomorrow’s company
• the demographic revolution and its radical impact on the future marketplace
• rise of the aspirational consumer
• post-family households
• financial services – pensions, savings products, insurance
• government and public services
• issues of work/life balance
• the ‘mosaic’ society

Dr Bellini is also a regular choice as moderator/chairman at leading conferences for business and government around the world.

He is currently writing a book on the psychological profiles of 21st century companies.