Dee Caffari

Dee Caffari

Dee Caffari is the first woman in history to sail solo, non-stop both ways around the world. A former school teacher who became a world record setting yachtswoman, Dee's double world first is an extraordinary and courageous achievement.

One of Britain's most inspirational women, Dee Caffari is also an experienced, popular international speaker. Dee has spoken at intimate client dinners and addressed huge conference halls. Dee's warm delivery brings the drama and challenges of her world-record-setting voyages alive.


After Dinner & Award Host - With anecdotes drawn from three circumnavigations of the globe, Dee tailors her talks to inspire and entertain her audience. Clients appreciate Dee's humour as well as her engaging, natural style.

Keynote Business Talks: Leadership & Teamwork - Dee Caffari has led others through hostile conditions, inspiring an amateur team of sailors in the Global Challenge, for example, and overseeing a dramatic rescue too. She led an all-woman crew to beat the record sailing around Britain and Ireland in June 2009. Good communication, focus, careful preparation, goal setting and developing others' talents are key. As well as a sense of fun!

Courage in Difficult Times - Sailing solo for nearly six months to become the first woman to sail 'the wrong way' round the world, Dee has faced icebergs, intense sleep deprivation, technical failures and the worst that the Southern Ocean can muster. The Vendée Globe is a war of attrition - a competitive race in an hostile environment. Dee speaks from experience of staying motivated when things get tough, achieving high performance, self-belief and succeeding against the odds.

Dee delivers something special. Gregarious, courageous but also candid about the challenges she has faced, delivering powerful messages in an entertaining way (her talks engage those with no yachting background whatsoever).

'Dee's presentation was a wonderful and highly effective way to engage and inspire our employees.' - Aviva Canada

'The "wow factor" of the conference!' - Reckitt Benckiser