David Taylor

David Taylor

David Taylor is different from most so-called gurus - he's been there and done it. With 25 years' real business and leadership experience, he now works with the very top leaders from all over the world.

His clients range from The United Nations to The Young Presidents Organisation, from Fortune 100 companies to leading entrepreneurs, and from the Abu Dhabi Government to celebrities and charities. His events range from Leaders in Dubai to The Comedy Store in London - Over 300,000 people have attended a David Taylor event, and he has shared platforms with top leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Tom Peters, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

David’s television include changing lives in The Salon (Channel 4), changing teams in Working Wonders (ITV), to changing companies in the new, cutting – edge Naked Office (Virgin One). He is a frequent leadership expert on radio and television in countries around the world.

He is the author of the global best-selling Naked Leader books – The Naked Leader, The Naked Leader Experience and The Naked Coach. The Naked Leader was a number one business best-seller on Amazon on the day of publication. His books are published in over 100 countries and in 17 languages.

David is the Honorary Professor of Leadership at Warwick University Business School, a Business Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and a former Chairman and now Director of Woking Football Club.

He lives in Surrey, England with his wife Rosalind, two children, Anthony and Olivia and two cats, Mozart and Sassafras.

“David knows how to help people and organisations make real, lasting change faster than anyone else on this planet”
Julia Goldin, Head of Marketing, Coca – Cola Japan

Change your organisation – and keep the change

Let’s be absolutely honest – change programmes do not work. They never have, and they never will. Because people have not chosen to change. The moment they do, change happens. So – as leaders, how do you ensure that your people make different choices – around the three keys to lasting change - personal accountability, faster decision making and a culture of action and persistence? David has developed an exact framework to follow – What to do, When to do it, and most critically – the bit most events do not cover – exactly how. So that your people will start making different choices, and action, within 24 hours of the event.

Predictive Persuasion – The Psychology of Selling

In every economic climate, building trusted relationships with customers and potential customers is not just important, it is absolutely essential. Business Psychologists tell us that people make up their mind about whether they will buy, or buy more, based on emotional, “gut-feel” factors.

Predictive Persuasion will share how to establish immediate rapport, build trusted relationships, and follow through. And by the way, this not a fluffy, feel-good “soft-skill” session, it is a full-on, in your face how-to session that will transform your customer relationships, income, and organisation.

The Common Sense Approach to Leadership

With a new leadership book or theory being published every few minutes in the world, it is easy to be overwhelmed with ever more information, knowledge and data. And with many writers, leaders and so-called “gurus” completely disagreeing with each other the big question you need to answer is – “What to do?”

Faced with the big leadership challenges of today, you simply don’t have time to navigate this maze – you need to know what to do, when, and most importantly, how.

And that is what this event does - 100% customised to your ambition, agenda and issues, David will share with you exactly what to do. And because of David’s unique “Deal” approach, you and your people will actually do it.

How to be World Class

This is a unique opportunity for ambitious leaders and high achievers in your organisation, committed to a level of success that few ever attain. It is the most successful leadership experience for fast-tracking rising stars, and fast.

David has researched and identified the key skills needed by world – class leaders in organisations of every size, and, how these can be developed – fast.
Why David Taylor?

"David is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and his ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable, and makes him one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers in the world."
Lord Tim Bell, CEO Chime Communications

“David is the best speaker in the world. Full stop”
Jon Kidd, CEO Abu Dhabi Government Services

“David is Transformational – he is uplifting, practical and relevant - with real actions, change and behaviours that are taken on board immediately.”
Martina Milburn, CEO The Prince’s Trust

“Not an academic, theorist or guru, David has worked with hundreds of companies, and thousands of people, from all walks of life. He understands the issues that you face, the agenda you have and the decisions you need to make. Stripping away the hype, the jargon and the mystery, the results are powerful, and amazing.”
Mike Logue, CEO Asda Living

“David has the unique ability to engage every audience with real-life, entertaining and practical stories and anecdotes. Everyone will feel they have been personally touched, will be motivated to new levels of action, and will have every single excuse for inaction removed, without realising exactly how it happened.”
Brian Gilvary, CEO BP International