David Dickinson

David Dickson

David Dickinson's is an expert on a range of antiques, for the last 30 years. David is currently hosting 'Dickson's real deal', which is a daytime show on ITV, where members of the public come on and try to sell their antiques for the best possible price.  


After being spotted by a producer for a BBC documentary about Antiques Dealing in 1996 David took daytime television by storm.  His unique style - immaculate suit, matching tie and hanky, cufflinks and bracelet - blended with luxuriant 1970s hairdo, cheeky screen persona and irrepressible enthusiasm, have all combined to create an unlikely cult hero.

When Bargain Hunt was launched on BBC ONE in 2000 viewers flooded the production team with over a thousand letters a week pleading to appear on the show.  "It couldn't be the prize money they were after because there usually isn't any," said the producer. "They all want to meet David."

Students up and down the country have been setting up David Dickinson appreciation societies and websites have been created in his honour.  Magazines such as The Face and Loaded have paid their respects.

"It must be my swarthy good looks," laughs David, whose interest in antiques started in childhood when he'd come home from school and help polish the brass and copper in his gran's house.  David has been married to cabaret star Lorne Lesley - whose career he managed - for over 30 years and has two grown-up children.  His television career includes BBC TWO's The Antiques Show, BBC ONE's The Holiday Programme and Five's The Antique Hunter.  He also wrote a book called The Antiques Buyer which is packed with advice on buying and selling antiques and put his best foot forward appearing in BBC ONE's Strictly Come Dancing.

David is a hilarious raconteur, and his warm nature and lust for life can brighten up any corporate event.