Dave Hampton

Dave Hampton

The carbon coach

For 30 years Dave Hampton has worked in design, engineering, architecture, property, construction, facilities and innovation and has advised on, and communicated, the benefits of sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental and energy management.

Before setting off as the Carbon Coach, Dave rowed for Great Britain, gained an MA at Cambridge, and made it pretty much to the top of his profession, scooping honours including Building magazine's Sustainability Leadership award.


His career has prepared him to be equally at home in boardroom, staff room and boiler room. His interventions have been described as insightful and invaluable, and he has been called “a fossil-free version of troubleshooter Sir John Harvey-Jones”.

Dave has built a unique reputation for being authentic, entertaining, insightful and inspiring. Businesses, groups and organisations regularly book him as a chair, host or keynote speaker who adds a fresh, engaging and pragmatic dimension to their conferences, seminars or events. He also delivers a ‘climate’ stand-up with a difference.

At home in Marlow with his wife and four children, Dave tries hard to live a low-carbon life.  

“My family's carbon footprint is smaller than most” he says “but we’re not perfect. We know we've still some way to go.  However, years spent reducing our carbon footprint have given me a rich experience of not only the technical and financial challenges involved, but also the social, emotional and personal ones. Anything I recommend to others has been proven in the test bed of my own lifestyle – and people tell me my advice and insight is all the more realistic and relevant as a result.”

Praise for Dave:

“A serious subject delivered with a smile.”

“Climate change, sustainability, CO2, carbon footprints and the like can get a bit dull and draining if handled in the wrong way.”

“Sure, they're serious subjects (Dave is the first to say so) but to provide an antidote to apathy and emotional overload amongst your audience, he injects a few lighter notes into the proceedings.”

 “I simply add a little laughter to my talks as I find it a great leveller, a powerful motivator and a useful vehicle for opening people's minds to new possibilities.”

“Dave is uniquely, memorably and entertainingly outspoken - on climate change, carbon, peak oil - and what all of the above might actually mean to us – as human beings!”