Dave Benson - Phillips

Dave Benson - Phillips

MENTION the name Dave Benson Philips, with or without a hyphen, and most adults are floundering. You might as well be talking about the colour of Postman Pat's underpants. 

But most children recognise him instantly having spent five years watching him on Playdays, and then as the gunge-dunking host of the Beeb's Get Your Own Back. Shown his picture, the majority of family members smile and say "oh him".


Dave always knew he was destined to become a children's entertainer. Humble beginnings as a security guard and then a warehouseman with M&S catapulted him into the world of keeping small people amused… out of sheer incompetence.

He reveals: "Even when I was a warehouseman, which has got nothing to do with children, in the end they let me look after the check-out girls' babies. They found that they saved a lot more money in perishable goods because I was always chucking out stock that was well within its sell-by date. So you can imagine they said 'let's get Dave out of there and looking after the children'. It was a very unofficial creche," he says.

His own agenda, panto not included, is pre-school projects for the Disney Channel for cookery and teaching music, another Fun Song Factory video and more Get Your Own Back for BBC. Dave also runs his own production company producing live shows and games for Children and Adults.