Dan Lobb

Dan Lobb

Dan worked for Sky News before joining GMTV, but his career in television started in 2001 when he started part-time work at a local Croydon cable station, Cable 17. Assisting the sports producer, it wasn’t long before Dan got the opportunity to present a live show. After spending a short time at Channel 5 News, Dan moved to Sky Sports in January 2002.


After completing a training course with the Sports News production team, Dan became a sports reporter and presenter for Sky News before joining Sky Sports News. Leaving his role on Sky Sports News, Dan returned to Sky News to become a sports presenter in May 2009.

Dan is a former professional tennis player, having played professionally for three years reaching a British ranking of 18 in 1997. After retiring in 1998, Dan combined coaching for three years sports PR and marketing work in London.


"Dan was fantastic - very patient and professional and very popular with the ladies as well!" Dan hosted the NHBC Health & Safety Awards - May 2011