Damon Scott

Damon Scott

Puppeteer / Comedy

Damon has been performing on the cabaret circuit now for over a decade constantly changing his act to keep him one of the freshest and most unique acts on the corporate entertainment market today.  Damon’s act has been performed in a number of countries across Europe and North America.

When asked what he does, Damon describes it as “a unique speciality act as there is no-one else that does what I do!”

A gifted puppeteer, Damon will wow and delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds with his hilarious mix of interacting with puppet characters.  A talented singer in his own right, Damon adds his singing impersonations of well known pop artists to many of the routines.

He is best known for his cute monkey Bubbles adored by millions from his TV appearances who sings, dances and wiggles his way through a Michael Jackson routine while Damon struggles to keep control.  Bubbles literally comes to life in Damon’s skilled hands

The show will be enjoyed by audiences both large and small of almost any age, nationality and background and can be performed almost anywhere, and is ideal as an after dinner cabaret show.

Damon (and Bubbles!) performance is perfect for after dinner entertainment.



"What a fantastic act, I thought I was different!" - Richard OBrien.

"Singing, magic, puppetry and comedy were merged into an act of refreshing creativity, making it unusual and original!" - Keith Crosswell (Encore).

"A miming monkey that gets a standing ovation!!" - Ant And Dec.

"Splendid show! Definitely NOT to be missed." - Brian Connoly.

"Damon is the dogs b**locks." - Joe Pasquale.

"Thanks for some great shows together." - Gene Pitney.

"It was genius, it was hilarious and I just loved it! Wonderful!" - Amanda Holden.

"His show has charm, humour and appeal to a wide age range." - Peter Hepple (Stage).

"There's a difference between having a talent and being a super entertainer, and that was super-entertaining!" - Simon Cowell.

"I think Damon has the greatest of attributes, he's doing something great and original. He's unique!" - Pam Ayres (Comedian/Poet).

"Well constructed to ensure generation-spanning enjoyment, this act seems poised for wide recognition!" - Christopher Day (Stage).

"An Act unique in every way, has to be seen to be believed!" - Ian Goode (Interval).

"He had real class, I’m sure he will go far!" - Connie Crighton (The Sooty Show).

"A unique and hilarious act, young and old were roaring with laughter!" - Hilary Porter (Daily Echo).

"A splendid colourful speciality act, getting the crowd laughing and cheering along!" - Christopher Day (Stage).

"You came on looking like a star and you did something great! its unique its fresh and very funny!" - Piers Morgan.