Cyberdyne T8 - The Ultimate Robot Walkabout

Cyberdyne T8 - The Ultimate Robot Walkabout

T8 Robot is the latest  and most unique entertainment concept that has taken the Globe by storm. T8 is equally at home in almost any arena and can switch from Nightclubs & Music Festivals to corporate hospitality & exhibitions with ease.

This, ‘Robotic Show’ Is something no one will ever forget!


T8 was originally the 8th in the ‘Terminator’ series, this ‘T8' Cyber Robot has been De-commissioned and is now safe for any venue/event. (Well it’s a 99% guarantee!)

‘T8’ Is a Cyber unit and has a unique character and you never know what is going to happen!.

‘T8’ Can be programmed in safe mode (Good for all age groups)


‘Adult’ Mode, (Could be scary!!) Prepare yourself for an ‘Edge of your seats’ Show! This is NOT for the faint of heart!

6 Feet of Chromed Steel, Pulsing LED’s & Burning Nuclear Blue Vision staring at YOU! ……….And then comes the ‘UNIQUE’ amazing, ‘DUAL LASERS!!!!’

The performer inside ‘T8’ has performed for BBC, ITV, LWT & Channel 4 (UK)

At top clubs such as, ‘Limelight’ (New York) ‘Number 1’ (France), ‘Pacha’ (Switzerland)  ‘Axis’, ‘MFCC Hall’,  (Malta) ‘Stringfellows’ (London)

He also was most honoured to have a command performance for HRH Princess Anne & her family at, ‘The Royal Variety Show’ in UK. (TV Audience 18,000,000


H.R.H. Princess Anne………‘’Absolutely Fantastic, Very well done.’

Steve Wright (BBC Radio 2) ‘’I loved it! This guy is awesome, does he perform in bed like this?’’

Ray Caruana (Sammy Davies Tribute Singer) ‘’This show is unbelievable! You have got to see it.’

Gary Smart (Manager, Ministry Of Sound London) "This show will scare you and make you laugh, all in the same minute!’’

'Following Armin Van Buren, the much anticipated ‘T8’ entertained the thousands of reveler’s with his Laser and light display.

The robotic star danced his way through a 15 minute performance that had the King’s Hall masses wide-mouthed in disbelief 

and wondering just how a robot was pulling off the perfectly choreographed moves they were witnessing.''  Recently, ‘T8’ performed to over 8000 people at ‘Kings Hall, Belfast, Ireland on Boxing Day 2008 for ‘Planetlovemusic’ Productions. 

 ‘Pure Ruby Classics’ New Years Eve 2008/9

‘‘Super Super show, many thanks! ’DJ Ruby

Glynn Turner (Audience)’That’s a real Robot no? Come on, it’s real, isn’t it?’

 "Amazing, Just amazing!’’Peta Ducker (Am2PM Events Ltd) 

Trevor Cammilleri (Director – ‘Fresh Events’)It was so fantastic, we immediately signed ‘T8’ to a 2 year, ‘Exclusive’ Performance agreement for ‘Fresh Events’ in Malta & Gozo!