Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman is a Olympic Champion Cyclist. His name first sprang into the public eye when he took Britain's opening Gold medal at the1992 Barcelona Olympics astride the infamous Lotus bike. This was also Britain's first cycling Gold medal in 72 years.

The iconic image of the Lotus machine and pointy helmet linked Chris forever with cutting edge technology, something he later went on to reinforce by leading the R&D team for GB Cycling in the run up to Beijing, where they became the most successful British sporting team of all time. Between Barcelona and Beijing, Chris won three stages of the Tour de France, set numerous world records (several of which still stand) and became arguably Britain's most successful cyclist to date.

Post cycling he went on to establish a name in journalism writing for various publications, including Diver magazine (his latest passion) and Pro Cycling, worked as a commentator for ITV and the BBC covering major cycling events, sat on the National Cycling Strategy Board as well as co-founding Boardman Bikes, the most respected and fastest growing British Bike Brand in decades. Although bikes and cycling still play a large part in Chris's life, his other pursuits include writing, running, archery and cave diving... but not all at the same time!


Better - "People get excited when they believe they can succeed, everyone can understand and measure 'better than here and now'. Best on the other hand is an aspirational destination that you can't be sure if you will reach, it also signifies an end point, nowhere else to go... I believe in better."

Self first - The only thing we can truly control is ourselves, everything else is varying degrees of influence.

Listening - The most important thing we can do is to take the time to truly understand before acting.

Team - Diversity in views, character and background are key to a team achieving its optimum outcome. Such entities are seldom harmonious but are worth the struggle!

Surviving Success - Recognising the challenges that even small successes bring and how to manage them.

Motivation - Through personal stories and experiences, understand the barriers we put in our own way and how to remove them.

High Performance teams - The essential ingredients, how to recognise and make the most of them.

Innovation Culture - Recognising the value of exploration and how to maximise your return.

Managing Risk - Recognising where the real risk lies, sometimes the real risk is in trying to avoid it!
Current talks

Talks / workshops that cover many of the above themes include:

Surviving Success.

A personal journey from the dole to high performance sport and business. Learning how to learn, dealing with fears and harnessing failure.

Greeks, Geeks, Triumphs and Turbulence.

The story of the secret squirrel club, the least secret organisation in the world (page 1 Google) a high performing team who helped propel the GB Cyclists to unprecedented success in Beijing.

Chris Boardman spoke before an audience of 300 at our event in November 2008. He was a true professional and worked hard to tailor his speech to suit the theme of the event and the audience on the day. The result was an engaging, insightful, and informative presentation that delighted the audience and delighted us as clients as his feedback scores were some of the highest we've ever seen!

Jenny Coburn Events Marketing Team, ?What If! Innovation