Bubble Jo

BubbleJo - Bubble Performer

Bubblejo uses a full range of exciting bubble tricks to delight audiences of all ages. A celebratory stage show incorporating Giant Bubbles, Billion Bubbles, Bubbles within Bubbles, and even a person / kid in a bubble – works wonderfully well for static audiences of all ages.

Our professional lovely bubbler has two distinct performances: His bubble banter walkabout mix & mingle character, performed on or off stilts, works best for fluid audiences.

Have you ever seen a bubble explode into a ball of flames!?

Have you ever played table tennis with a smoke filled bubble?

BubbleJo knows all the tricks there are to know when it comes to playing with bubbles and having a blast with soap and water! GOOD CLEAN FUN!!!

A bit about BubbleJo:

BubbleJo has over 12 years’ experience as a circus skilled performer traveling internationally.
BubbleJo will work his magic whether it’s a birthday party, special family event, wedding, fete, community event, or the main show at your corporate dinner.

BubbleJos Bubble Show:

BubbleJo Bubble Show uses a wide range of exciting bubble tools and tricks to delight audiences of all ages. The show incorporates (just to name a few) fire bubbles, many types giant bubbles, billions of bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, and if the weather is just right we can even put a person or two inside a bubble. (Putting one or more people inside a giant bubble: it is crucial that there be no moving air in the performance area to perform this trick.)