Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

He is the Editor of the Spectator and MP for Henley-on-Thames.

Born in New York and educated at Eton, Boris was a classicist at Balliol. He is the Ex-President of the Oxford Union and has won the Blackenbury scholarship before he set foot in a successful career in journalism. Boris was initially at the Times, and then assistant editor of the Telegraph in 1995 and in 1999 was promoted to the editor of the Spectator in the place of Dominic Lawson.


Under his leadership The Spectator has continued to be Britain's most successful political weekly, with a circulation of 60,000 and an annual profit of £1m.

Boris fought Clwyd South in the 1997 General Election and is well-known as a writer and broadcaster.

The blond-haired editor and MP, unlike some of his "young fogey" counterparts is suave, good-humoured and immensely witty. Being an after dinner speaker Boris also speaks on media and politics.

In addition to his Spectator editorship, he writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph, is a regular guest on TV and radio shows - he was the castaway on Desert Islands Discs in Autumn 2005 - and had his first novel published in 2004.

He is married with four children. His sister Rachel is a published author and columnist on The Daily Telegraph, while his father Stanley is a former MEP.