Bill Giles

Bill Giles

Bill Giles was Chief radio and television Broadcaster at the BBC Weather Centre for nearly 20 years.

He is well recognized worldwide and am one of the most accomplished and humorous after dinner and motivational speakers.  He has also chaired conferences both for industry and government departments over the years.  Bill is a versatile speaker and has been entertaining on cruise ships for the last 20 years having spoken on all P&O cruise ships. With such a recognisable face and voice he has been also very successful being called upon to advertise products as well as being engaged by brands for voiceover work as well.


Bill has spoken at many weather conferences in the USA and Europe and together with his BBC Editor he was instrumental in making the BBC Weather Centre the premier weather broadcasting centre in the world.

Bills talks feature humour and scientific weather information which is presented in such a way that anyone can understand and includes such diverse topics as Climate Change, the Great Storm of 1987 and the skill needed to manage television personalities such as Michael Fish and Ian McCaskill.

Bill is available and very interested in all opportunities including advertising opportunities, voice over work, chairing environmental conferences as well as after dinner speaking ashore and on cruise ships.