Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti is unique in his own right; his dynamic thinking and hard approach towards challenges produce an inspirational, humorous and applauding Seminar/Keynote presentation.

After failing to achieve the desired results at school, he started his career, at the early age of 16, by joining a military college. During his years in the forces he not only travelled Europe and Canada but represented his regiment and corps at rugby, athletics and cross country. Shortly after leaving his tour of Northern Ireland, he decided to pursue his dream to become a business owner.


Starting at the bottom, working as a dishwasher, security guard and trainee estate agent, Benjamin’s determination and dedication allowed him to open his own estate agency within four years - only to sell it several months later.

His entrepreneurial approach towards life has made him a favourable speaker in the corporate arena and motivational columnist for international self help magazines. His “Discover The Secret Weapon Within...” seminars have been a success in their own right, providing listeners with the inspirational tools, motivation and self belief that anything is possible.


Motivational Seminar Schedule:

• Activate key motivations to achieving your action.
• Eliminate your negative feelings, limited beliefs and issues.
• Establish your peak emotional, mental and physical state and self anchor.
• Conquer any further barriers and tests.
• Rapport building and trust exercises - learn how to improve your rapport building skills.
• Inspiring others in business, client perception and influencing techniques.
• Setting your future.

His Winning Formula: - Positive Affirmation + Massive Action = Unbelievable Results.

His forthcoming book “Don’t Struggle Quietly” highlights the key principles of self success, he notes: “If you want to be truly successful you need to learn something new everyday, be positive about negative results and take massive action to achieve goals”.

"Don’t take my word for it, go along and see how you can benefit, nothing to lose and loads to gain. I gained more than I lost."
Mr S - Franchise Owner

This guy must eat motivational flakes for breakfast. Sales Training eat your heart out, he inspires, develops, improves, motivates and succeeds in what he offers 100%. Turn up, sit down, listen and learn and you’ll walk away with something to help you. I did.
Mr H – Ricoh Sales Manager