Benet Brandreth

Benet Brandreth

Benet has been involved in rhetoric for over 14 years. Whether it is debating, rabble-rousing, after-dinner speaking or court-room advocacy, Benet has done it all. More than that – he’s won prizes for it:

He represented Cambridge University and then the Middle Temple at numerous debating competitions including the World Universities Debating Championships in 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2000. He has won, “Best Individual Speaker” at both the Cambridge and Oxford inter-varsity debating competitions.


Benet has twice been the World Public Speaking Champion (Cork, Ireland in 1996 and Sydney, Australia in 2000) and came second (Stellenbosch, South Africa in 1997).

Benet Brandreth is now a trial advocate specializing in Intellectual Property Rights and related areas. He is a member of one of the UK’s leading Intellectual Property Chambers and one of the panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown.  In his professional career Benet was awarded the Richard DuCann Memorial Prize for Excellence in Advocacy in 2000.

He is the editor of the Entertainment and Media Law Reports. Benet has represented his clients in forums as varied as the European Patent Office, the High Court and the Trade Mark Registry.

Chambers UK 2006 cites Benet as a "highly proficient performer who is both frighteningly bright and knowledgeable."

Benet’s experience in rhetoric and advocacy training is extensive. He has coached executives in public speaking, given lectures and workshops to various institutions including the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and Warwick University, and acted as a mentor for solicitors during their advocacy training.