Belly Dancers

Belly Dancers

Khalisha is a graceful and expressive dancer with a predominantly Egyptian oriental style. She has attended workshops with many highly respected teachers such as Raqia Hassan, Aida Noor,


Yasmina of Cairo and Serena & Hossam Ramzy. 

Coming from a family with theatrical traditions going back over 150 years, Khalisha's love of

dance began at the age of 5 when she began her training in ballet and modern theatre dance. This led her to perform as a cabaret dancer in floorshows in Paris, Luxembourg, Portugal and

Belgium. Khalisha is a full member of British Equity and a qualified fitness instructor, and

currently teaches Arabic dance in several top private health clubs in the London and Kent area.

She currently performs regularly in Turkish and Indian restaurants, and has an extensive resume including several performances on National TV and Sky TV.

Full of Eastern Promise, Caasi is an exciting belly dancer who has captivated audiences worldwide with her sensuous and dynamic style.

Enhances by her classical dance training, Caasi performs choreographed routines of can, if required improvise freely.

Caasi has appeared in pop videos and on BBC Television and is popular in places as far a field as Russia and India.

Whether dancing for corporate or private events, weddings, clubs or parties, Caasi will enliven any occasion that demands a taste of the exotic...