Batak Hire

The famous BATAK Pro is a piece of equipment originally designed to improve reaction, hand eye co-ordination and stamina by enabling sportsmen and women to train under simulated 'sports like' conditions, whilst under pressure against the clock. The game also provides an element of fun and competition that is so often lacking in training.

The BATAK Pro system features twelve visually bright LED targets and they are numbered and arranged in a 'maximum stretch' type configuration and put under the control of a dedicated microcomputer. There are two ways of operating Batak Pro, in a random pattern or a repetitive pattern. The scoring system is based on the speed at which the buttons are pressed.

Hits and misses are timed and scored on a central Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and verbal instructions are issued to the participating Player during the game as appropriate..(e.g. "Get Ready"..."Go"..."Level one"..."Time Out"...etc.)

BATAK Pro truley tests co-ordination and reaction times. It is perfect for exhibition stands, promotions, sports environments, team building events, parties, challenge days and competitions.