Barrie Segal

Barrie Segal

Leading authority on parking law

Barrie Segal is the UK's leading expert on parking tickets and parking ticket law. He is the founder of the website and has reviewed in excess of 6,000 parking tickets.

He has a regular phone-in programme on TalkSport Radio and is a regular contributor to numerous TV shows and radio programmes, including BBC TV's BBC London News, Real Story, BBC3 TV News, Radio 5.and LBC Radio. 

Barrie has also appeared on ITV's Tonight with Trevor McDonald, London Tonight, Richard Hammond's 5 O' Clock Show and The London Programme.


He has been featured in all the major British newspapers and internationally featured in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune and many more.

Barrie assisted Which? Magazine's latest report on parking tickets which received the largest number of letters on any subject the magazine has ever received.

He has also given technical advice to many TV programmes on parking tickets, including the BBC's Whistleblowers series.

In 2003, he founded the Crazy Parking Ticket Awards to highlight the absurd way our parking ticket laws are enforced by local authorities. The first year's winner was a rabbit which had a parking ticket slapped on its hutch.

He has also been in the forefront of viral advertising on the Internet, having commissioned three viral adverts for his website. Two of those adverts won Gold Awards at the Cannes International Advertising Awards Festival late last year and one of his viral adverts, Kicking, has been seen by an estimated 5 million people on the Internet.

Barrie has submitted evidence on parking matters to both the London Assembly and the Parliamentary Transport Committee on Parking. He also regularly represents clients before the Parking Adjudicator

He believes that one way to help people fight incorrect parking tickets is to use humour to highlight the lengths to which councils go to issue parking tickets. His files contain thousands of stories and anecdotes on parking tickets, clamping and tow-aways, as well as the congestion charge. He has found that the subject pf parking tickets is of universal interest to motorists in Britain, few of whom have been lucky enough to escape the scourge of the parking attendant.

In his "other" life, Barrie is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in company turnarounds, financial advice and IT systems for business. In the mid-80s he was Managing Director in charge of U.S. Operations for the Hard Rock Café and for many years was Senior Tax Partner at a well-known firm of Chartered Accountants. He has also lectured extensively on international tax.

Barrie is 58, married and has two children. He is a former member of the Magic Circle and a devotee of Tai Chi. He is "a born communicator" with a keen sense of the funny side of any situation.