The Baron Von Grindle - Vampire for Hire.

The Baron Von Grindle

From twilight till dawn this vampire with professional makeup, costume & fangs entertains at parties performing highly unique entertainment. Hanging around scaring his mortal guests out of their skin. Ideal as Halloween entertainment or fantastic for Friday 13th… Suitable for any party entertainment ideas.

Picture this: A real live vampire at your event or function. Hanging in position waiting to strike…at his victims. You’ll be able to see the fear in your guests, hear the shrills and shreeks as he stalks them about the venue…

Guaranteed to get heart’s pumping and biorhythms jumping. Be different!  Book the Vampire For Hire!

Hanging Around

At the reception of your event, venue or function the Baron will be hanging upside down at his resting place (a specialist portable trapeze perch), waiting for any one with a pulse to come within striking distance. He can also tumble and stand on his trapeze perch. Working and entertaining the crowds as they move about freely, picking off his victims then returning to his perch/frame for the next sucker to come along

Hatch and Host

Guests arrive into dinner, somewhere prominent is the vampires pupae and inside is the vampire inverted and unseen waiting to hatch. After 13 minutes of interest, intrigue and activity around the spooky pupae your vampire starts to hatch and emerge coming out to feast on the undead. Once he has risen he can act as a Master of Ceremonies from on top of his frame as well as hunting and stalking his mortal prey.

Office Infestation

Imagine your staff or colleagues arriving in the morning to find a real live vampire hanging in the office. Once the Baron has hatched and been woken up several times he swaps his nasty charms to become friendly, charming, and entertaining to all who meet him, unless of course he smells fear!


"He was absolutely fantastic! I can honestly say that he’s the scariest thing I’ve come across at a party ever! He fitted the Horror Channel party perfectly and clients were certainly talking about him for while afterwards. The Baron Von Grindle is definitely worth the Investment!" - Clare Dentith (Senior Marketing Manager,The Horror Channel).

"Mr Grindle’s Baron is hugely entertaining and proved to be a resounding success with the children and adults." - The Vicountess Lady Cowdray.

"The Character was brilliant. Fantastic job. I will never forget it. Fangtastic!" - Emma Warren (Pro Motions).

"The Baron was the hit of the show. Great professionalism, Positive attitude and enthusiasm. I work with various acts throughout the world and the Baron outshone them all!" - Terry Connor (Allied Telesyn International).

"Probably one of the best live acts we have ever used in 12 years of business!" - Paul Smith (Team Group).

"Outstanding! An incredible act!" - Anthony Marshall (Head Chef- Hilton Park Lane, London).

"Stephen, What can I say? You were amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect but you far exceeded all expectations. Thanks a lot, the kids (and grown up kids) loved your act! Brilliant!!" - Lance Ainsfeld.

"The high light of the day was the very scary Baron Von Grindle. He was magnificent!" - Gary Write (Lowe & Partners World Wide).