Asteria String Quartet

Asteria String Quartet

Electric String Quartet

Asteria are an electric string quartet comprised of four elegant, glamorous girls who are musically trained at the highest level, and graduates of London’s top musical conservatoires.

The girls perform their renowned show at concerts and parties all over the world; at events, private celebrations, and every conceivable opportunity where people gather to enjoy themselves and require a performance of international music and world class quality to set the stage alight.

The world’s most exciting electric string group take a glowing pride in the quality of their show, which they have honed into a fast paced impressive spectacle. When you see an Asteria performance you experience four dedicated girls delivering a high impact show with slick choreography and impressive musicianship.

The Asteria show is a fusion of musical styles, the essence of the show being filled with classical crossover favourites and instrumental versions of pop songs from past and present. The middle of the show indulges into the heart of world music; the girls love to inspire their audience to momentarily escape into the worlds of Cuban jazz bars, enchanted Arabic deserts and Mediterranean nightclubs.

BOOKING - The Asteria show can be catered in its makeup to work as a standalone musical centrepiece to an evening, or to fit with other live music and entertainment. The girls love performing with dancers, live bands and always enjoy any opportunity to make an event unique and memorable.

They are passionate about performing and equally passionate about variety; the girls invite all opportunities to perform in any setting and environment.

Recent work that the girls have done include performances as part of the Take That “Beautiful World” tour, Simply Red European Tour, James Morrison “Songs For You, Truths For Me” DVD, and international parties abroad for Davidoff & Bahrain Formula One.

THE GIRLS - The four Asteria girls met each other through the London conservatoires where they trained. Whilst they learned on conventional classical instruments, the girls bonded through their passion for electric instruments and the musical diversity that these instruments offer.

The girls set about building a show where they could incorporate all of the musical styles that they enjoy. They had the objective of a show where all of the music they love could be arranged and performed by their combination of a string quartet, and as a result they have built the show around their love of many different styles of music.

There is always a warm and vibrant on-stage dynamic between the girls born out of their musical bond and love of the show.


Additional info

BACKING MUSICIANS - Asteria usually perform as 4 electric strings to backing track.

The show can be augmented to include a backing band of:

guitar & percussion
guitar, percussion, drums, bass, keyboards
guitar, percussion, drums, bass, keyboards, 15 backing strings
In addition to the backing band the show can also feature a large or small dance troupe.
PRODUCTION - For UK shows, the girls can be booked with:
sound engineer only
sound engineer, transmitter & in-ear monitor systems.
Sound engineer with full PA
For shows abroad - All PA (including transmitter & in-ear monitor systems) are required to be sourced with local production suppliers.
Lighting - Asteria also offer a fully customised show lighting system with a full lighting sequence programmed to the Asteria show.