Arron Sparks

Arron Sparks

Arron is a Yo-Yo master and ‘a standout‘ professional juggler who uses Guinness World Record breaking skills to unite and amaze his audience.  This prize winning YoYo and juggling act is enjoyed by audiences throughout the world.

Arron started Yo-Yo over half his life-time ago and quickly became one of the UKs leading experts.  Then learned to juggle, attained a BA (Hons) degree in circus has gone on to perform at many different events and venues across the world, from Bar mitzvahs in top London hotels to corporate trade-shows for Fortune 500 companies.

Arron currently resides in London and in his spare time enjoys video editing, skateboarding, learning about old circus acts, blogging and keeping up to date with UK politics.

Arron for Corporate Events
Yoyo champion Arron Sparks has entertained the staff and clients of Fortune 500 companies. Yo-Yo creates a common ground which anyone can relate to, from CEOs to the newest company members all have seen or played with a Yo-yo. So when yoyo professional Arron Sparks entertains with a show or how to yoyo lesson it’s sure to break the ice and bring a team closer together.
Making your presence felt at a trade show can be a real challenge for a company. Use Arron’s world record breaking talents at your booth to make you the talking point of the exhibition. Arron can increase footfall at your trade show stand with the use of his award winning eye catching skills. Arron and your team can ensure your exhibitor status is a true success.
Arron for Trade Shows
With a flick of a wrist, Arron draws potential clients into your booth and captivates them with fun eye-catching mastery Yo-Yo manoeuvres. Onlookers instantly flash back to their childhood and the joy they had with a Yo-Yo.
Your exhibit fills with attendees as the hypnotic Yo-Yo’s manoeuvres cross age, gender, and social background which allows sales staff to engage attendees in conversation and build a rapport prior to presenting your sales pitch.
Presenting future clients with a fun freebie that has your branding on, ties in with your theme or message and is most importantly something that they want to keep will spark off their imagination.
Become the buzz of the trade show floor as people continue their days business with your logo tied to their finger.
Arron for Private Events
Ensure a fun and memorable event with an appearance from UK based yoyo professional Arron Sparks. Give your event a unique talking point that will stay in the minds of your guests for years to come.  Delight and captivate your friends, family and acquaintances with close up and personal walk about entertainment that will create a fun and unusual atmosphere. Focus the room with a prize winning variety act that will amaze your guests.
You and your guests can relax and enjoy world record breaking talents safe in the knowledge that you’ve hired a true professional who brings years of experience to your event.



"Thank-you for your sterling performance over the two day period. Your talents were truly appreciated.  I believe the exercise was very much a success and good fun as well, which is always a bonus". - Managing Director Business Systems (UK) Ltd.
“Watch some of the fastest hand tricks as Arron Sparks makes yoyos fly and spin over your head so fast your eyes will reel”. - Cabaret.
“He is a Yo-Yo Pro but his specialty is combining the Yo-Yo technique with juggling and other manipulation skills.  Arron’s act is skilful, entertaining and very fast paced.” -
"We decided to do something very different for our first ever trade exhibition, so it felt a bit risky, we had nothing to fear.  Using Arron to encourage visitors to the stand was absolutely the right choice.  He is fun, hard working, patient and completely professional and courteous at all times.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Arron to anyone wanting the very best ROI.  We will certainly be using Arron again at future trade shows". - Corporate Drama.