Andy Cameron

Andy Cameron

Andy Cameron is undoubtedly the most popular international comedy star in Scotland. He is also one of Scotland's most popular, humorous, after dinner speakers and he still appears regularly in theatres, clubs and hotels throughout the country.  He continues to entertain audiences in every facet of the entertainment industry, including television and radio. For a number of years Andy played the part of Chick the cheeky taxi driver in STV's long running soap 'High Road'.

On leaving school Andy had 24 jobs before he entered show-business at 32 years of age. The jobs were as diverse as bridge-building and bus driving, but the job he enjoyed most was selling. The nicest accolade he received as a salesman was when an area manager told him he could sell the Pope a double bed.

In 1972 Andy started working in clubs just as a means of getting some PIN money. This developed into a full-time occupation when he devised an act as a football hooligan which led to becoming a top club comedy act in Scottish clubs and gave him a huge break when he wrote the football anthem Ally's Tartan Army. This went to No.6 in the national charts and was responsible for 2 appearances on Top of the Pops in 1978 and this is a great source of embarrassment to his children when it is shown on flashback TV shows.

However, in 2006 Andy agreed to appear on Mark Lamar's Never Mind The Buzzcocks where he stood in the now infamous line up where the contestants after having watched part of the original 1978 Top of the Pops video, then had to pick out the real Andy Cameron as he stood with four other Andy Cameron lookalikes. Both teams had no problem in picking Andy out of the line up.
1979 saw the BBC in Scotland modernising its image and moving from the old Home Service on radio to a brand new Radio Scotland. Andy was given a 13-week contract to present a programme of music and gags. After 2 weeks it was suggested that he ask children to phone in with their jokes. This was such a great success that the 13 weeks stretched to 15 years and resulted in him being voted Radio Personality of the year in 1984.

Andy still has people telling him of the times when they nearly drove off the road or had household accidents because they were laughing so much at these kids!