Andrew Winter

Andrew Winter

Andrew started as a trainee estate agent, in 1984 and worked in Bristol for a few years, then spent about 5 years in The Cotswolds "selling cottages, barns and stuff up muddy tracks, great fun it was too."

After this he sought out the bright lights of London, working in the Baker Street area for nearly 2 years, before coming to Canary Wharf in 1996, where he has remained until now.

Andrew is experienced in all types of residential property markets, good and bad, whether in the suburbs, country, urban or city locations. He has dealt with new build areas, old villages, urban housing and the traditional housing stock.

According to Andrew he has been totally 'obsessed' by houses even as a kid! "On holiday, days off, whenever or wherever I am I check out the local housing market." He also has plenty of first hand experience of the property market having bought his first house at 18 in Bristol bought for £18,500 and sold it for £25,750 nine months later. "In the last 19 years I have moved my main home 10 times! Even since the wife and kids came along, that hasn't really stopped. I am currently living in Kent with wife, 2 kids plus another on the way, planning to move away next year of course!"

Having lived in all sorts of houses and flats from warehouse conversions, new build apartments, period cottages, brand new estate house, 70's house, 30's house and a weird 60's pad the only type Andrew will not live in is "a traditional Victorian terrace or even a more normal 30s/50s/60s etc semi - only because everyone else does."

Andrew also provides a service producing private marketing reports for those having trouble selling their home or worried about their planned purchase.