Alex Alley

Alex Alley

Alex Alley is author of "From Boat to Boardroom" and is an ordinary man who has achieved extraordinary things.

As a child he taught himself to sail in a small dinghy and with no formal training was soon making his boat go faster. Through persistence he managed to crew on ever bigger and faster yachts, learning all the time. His determination was rewarded when, at the age of 21, he was selected to represent England.


He raced professionally with the same team for almost 2 years with great success, winning several major international events. More recently he has returned from the Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race, where he lead his team in some of the worlds most hostile environments, non-stop 24 hrs a day for up to 8 weeks at a time.

Again with great success, helping his team record no fewer than four 24 hour records for the race, despite having 2 medical evacuations in the freezing Southern Ocean.

Let him take you on this incredible journey around the world. Experience the ‘highest highs and the lowest
lows’ of the team as they battled against the odds. Using powerful video footage its like being there with them.
He now works at imparting the passion and experience he has gained by running leadership and corporate
training courses as well as being the co author of Boat to Boardroom’ – a leadership training manual using the

Global Challenge yacht race as an extreme case study. He is also a commercial skipper and qualified sailing

What Alex will give you is…

- An amazing story, fraught with danger, trauma, leadership and people

- A vital, energetic and positive boost to your organisation.

- An insight into the lessons learnt, and how they relate to business and
personal life.

- Comparisons between sailing and business.

"Many thanks for an excellent presentation enthusiastically delivered. Feedback has been excellent and many references made to it during the following mornings workshops"
Chris Borrill, Director, Military Customer Support, Thales Group

“Alex has the most extraordinary leadership skills. He has an innate way of understanding what is required to motivate the team at any given moment with his unending optimism and energy. Alex has my enormous respect. I have lead teams and facilitated large groups and have never seen it done better."
Sharon Callaghan, Manager British Airways Executive Club

"His presentation style is impressive, a mix of adventure stories, hardship, success, setback and the one over riding message that you should never, ever, give up. Alex was an inspiration to our team, and whatever challenges we face there was motivation and techniques to help succeed for all of us."
John Mobly, Managing Director, Newnet plc

“Alex showed a special combination of practical skills, teaching ability and above all calmness under pressure
when leading his team through tough conditions. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking an
exceptional person to help develop leadership and motivational skills as well of course his undoubted ability ina sailing boat."
Rob Packham QPM, Consultant. Previously Deputy Director General, National Crime Squad

"Probably the most motivated and positive person I have met."
James Smith, Supply Chain Integration Project Manager, Unilever UK Foods