Alan Chambers

Alan Chambers

Alan Chambers was the leader of the first successful British team to walk unsupported from Canada to the Geographic North Pole. After immense challenges - including the evacuation of two team members - and extreme frostbite and hunger, Alan and team mate Charlie Paton raised the Union Jack on top of the world at 23:16 hours on 16th May 2000. The walk on the ice lasted a gruelling 70 days.

Alan participated in the planning and execution of that first winter crossing of Iceland on skis from the west coast to the east. Previously attempted six times by various nationalities, Iceland was deemed un-crossable. Dragging sledges each weighing 240 pounds, the four-man team skied in Arctic blizzard conditions for 47 days over 500 miles.


Alan was invited by Sir Clive Woodward to speak to the England Rugby Football Senior Squad in preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2003, concentrating on project focus and maintaining direction in adversity.

During 16 years service with the Royal Marines, Alan worked around the globe in the most extreme climates - including the Arctic, desert, jungle and remote mountains. He is formally qualified as a diver, parachutist, paramedic and ski survival instructor, as well as advising other expeditions on survival in the high Arctic.

2003 - Led a team of city business people to the top of the world and then went on to ski across Greenland using 12 metre traction kites with fellow adventurer Pete Goss MBE.

2004 - Led team of 15 internationally known business leaders across 60 miles of Arctic Ice to reach the Geographic North Pole. This year Alan and team mate, Pete Goss MBE, will recreate the expedition.

In May 2008 Alan Chambers MBE and Peter Herbert led the largest ever British Polar expedition focused on education. Their aim was to cross one of the worlds largest glaciers and bring their experience to the classrooms of the United Kingdom and beyond. The expedition had four objectives -

To help focus the attention of as many people as possible, especially the young, on the fast changing global environmental challenges we all face.

To motivate by example, showing both the young and not so young that if you really want to do something and you research and focus yourself on the challenge, nothing is out of reach.

To demonstrate to children how determination and commitment combined with training and ability can enable them to achieve in the field of sports and adventure.

To enable supporting organisations to demonstrate how they are investing significantly in a positive way in order to minimise any negative impact on the natural environment.

The journey distance was approx 600 kilometres and lasted approx 40 days.

Alan - as part of a team - embarked on the challenge to walk unsupported to the Geographical South Pole in December 2008 and January 2009.


· Leadership
· Motivation
· Creating a Vision
· Team Selection and Alignment
· Team Behaviour
· Values & Drivers
· Goal Setting and Alignment
· Effective Planning
· What Makes an Effective Team?
· Achieving Milestones.
· Managing Complexity.
· Maintaining Focus.
· Contingency Planning.
· Effective Change Management.
· Celebrating Success.
· Maintaining Team Focus.
· Managing a Team Project.
· Managing Resources.
· Defining Roles & Responsibilities.
· Effective Communication.

"An inspirational presentation that has motivated and focused my team. Alan's experiences has many links to the business world and provided learning for us all, particularly when leading/ managing in a challenging market" - Nigel Marsh, Managing Director, Medacs Healthcare

"I think it was one of the best presentations I have ever seen and I know the team feel the same way" - Rooney Anand, CEO, Greene King Brewing Company

"Inspirational - He's a genuine hero" - Charles Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse

"Alan's amazing story, highlighting the remarkable focus and leadership he had around the North Pole trip, truly inspired the team in their preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2003" - Martin Johnson OBE, England Rugby World Cup Captain

"I am a tremendous fan of Alan and feel strongly that his incredible story should be shared with the world. He is an adventurer of this century who leads by example in a thoughtful and skillfull way. His self-confidence builds teams by recognising that it takes the whole team and not one man to succeed. I am in awe of Alan's accomplishments" - Rose Sculley, Director of Development, Women's World Banking

"Conferences can be very predictable and we didn't want to give everyone one management presentation after another, Alan's enthusiasm was infectious and the lessons for us all were crystal clear" - Adam Fairbotham, Operations Director, Hill Hire plc

"I would like to thank you for your after dinner talk on 27th June. It was a fascinating insight into a completely different discipline" - Gary Bullard, BT

“He was excellent. I think NetApp were delighted at how well he spoke and the enthusiasm he generated in the room. And I found him a joy to work with – sometimes speakers can be a little self important, but he was so charming and that made my job a lot easier. His presentation was very engaging – he spoke passionately and he brought it back again and again to the client and the clients’ issues in today’s world. The comments I had back were that he was ‘mesmerising’ and that ‘I have never sat still for so long and been so engaged’ – and that says a lot. – NetApp on Alan Chambers

Previous clients

Alan Chambers has delivered team building and management lectures to Imperial Tobacco, Microsoft,, BP, UBS, Lloyds Pharmaceutical, WH Smiths, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, Terra Firma, Red Bull Ltd., Yahoo Europe, GM Motors, Flight Centre, London Business School, Dartmouth USA, Harvard, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Kings College London.