Adrian Webster

Adrian Webster

Adrian Webster was a riot copper, milkman and salesman - just a few of the entries on Adrian's CV before he moved into the I.T. industry and discovered an ability to motivate and inspire others.

Today Adrian Webster is arguably one of the most entertaining and effective motivational speakers on the UK circuit. He specialises in delivering key messages on behalf of clients in a humorous and completely unique, down to earth style that audiences can easily relate to.

His additively inspirational presentations help people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds to make a very real difference in their workplace.


Drawing on his vast amount of practical experience as a motivator and team builder he brings to life a whole new world of fun motivational terminology and characters that everyone can instantly identify with, take away and put to good use - a world not a million miles away where TNTs rule and Neg Ferrets, BLOATERS and Sinkers reside? All of whom you will no doubt instantly recognise!

The son of a Yorkshire coal miner, Adrian Webster started off his colourful career as a Police Officer in St Paul's, Bristol. He left shortly after the St Paul's riots to go 'back to school' and ended up becoming President of Southampton Students Drama.

Fed up with being a poor student, he spent the next four years building up a dairy company by knocking on thousands of doors and persuading households and local shops to buy his milk. Having established the dairy business he worked as, amongst many other things, a radio presenter on local radio in Bristol.

To help 'fund' his career, Adrian started selling a wide range of products, ranging from frozen food to houses. He quickly discovered he could make real money in sales and began to take selling seriously, the part time sales side soon took over as his full time career.

In 1987 he moved into I.T. sales and by 1989 he had established himself as one of the most successful sales professionals in the industry.

After two highly successful years as Corporate Sales Manager of US Robotics, he joined Northamber Plc an I.T. Distributor as Group Sales and Training Manager responsible for recruiting, training, motivating and 'driving' 150 staff to achieve phenomenal success on shoestring budgets.

It was during this time, out of pure necessity to inspire and retain staff, that the world of Polar Bear Pirates was born and Adrian discovered an ability to turn teams of everyday people with little or no ability into some of the most productive in the I.T. industry.

Fuelled by a desire to try to gain a better understanding of what really makes exceptional people tick he set about researching some of the UK's most successful people. Six years of research along with his real-life experiences, raw energy and sense of humour combine to create a thrilling roller coaster style that is completely original, hilariously funny and brilliantly effective.

Adrian is now a best selling business author with his first book 'Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to reach 'Fat City' being successfully sold worldwide.

Speaking Topics

- Thriving in Tough Times

- Creating Winning Environments

- Everyday People - Together Making a Difference

- Inspirational Leadership - Getting the Very Best Out Of People

- Customer services - Putting Customers at the Heart of Everything we do

- Teambuilding - Pulling Together as one Big team

- Self Motivation - DIY Belief - Being the Best

- Engaging and Retaining People On Shoestring Budgets

- Behavioural Change - Embracing Change

- Winning The Sales Game and Maintaining An Edge Over the Competition

- Communication- Effective SONAR Communicators

Taylor Woodrow Plc
Adrian Webster was highly recommended to us as a brilliant speaker. We were unsure of using him because we’d never heard of him. We went ahead and used him......he was an absolute star.

We started the year in last place. We took on board the Polar Bear Pirates concept, used it daily to motivate ourselves/the team and to ensure that we stayed focused. By June we were up to second and come year-end, we finished number one. It had a huge impact on our performance."

Adrian really is one of the best keynote speakers I have ever heard. He manages to captivate every type of audience right from the moment he starts and always leaves them wanting more. Adrian has a unique ability to have his audience rolling around in laughter one minute to suddenly getting them to hang on to his every word where a pin drop could be heard. The messages Adrian shares will stay with you for life as they are fundamental, full of common sense and yet really make the difference when it comes to bringing out the best in others.

Lever Faberge
The brief for a 'motivational speaker' was more than fulfilled as Adrian’s energy, humour and superb insight into the real world of sales had everybody mesmerised and entertained from the moment he walked onto the stage. Life hasn't been quite the same since as we all now aspire to permanently residing in Fat City and living as Polar Bear Pirates!