A Guide to Running a Fun Video Horse Race Night

With the equipment in place (Video Projection, Large Screen, PA and if required, race decor) the evening begins with the introductory film, which sets the scene and explains the rules. The tote is the opened for the first race and betting begins, with your guests buying corresponding tote tickets for the horse or horses of their choice.

If you are FUND-RAISING real cash is used to purchase tickets and before the lucky winners collect their money a percentage is deducted for the charity (and expenses). You are able to keep the cost down by asking for volunteers to work with the compere on the tote.

If CORPORATE FUN is the order of the day we are able to distribute race cards and fun money to your guests prior to the first race and the object is to gain as much fun money as possible by the end of the event. Prizes are then awarded to the highest earners.

On a corporate event we recommend that we staff the tote desk with our hospitality staff (dressed in jockey silks) and extra fun money can be earned by answering certain race related questions or perhaps winning a hobby horse race???

You may wish to have us auction horses in one of the races or indeed sell the horses prior to the event and produce your own race cards with the owner’s name printed in the programme.

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