Choosing the Right DJ and Disco

Hiring the right DJ and Mobile Disco and Travelling Discotheque for your event is probably the most important decision for the successful outcome of your event! So how do you find the right Disc Jockey and Mobile Disco?

Some people view Disc Jockeys as a commodity and choose the cheapest one they can find, not knowing there are differences to look for. Over the years we have heard many horror stories of Disc Jockeys and Mobile Discos that offer to beat any price, only to provide an inexperienced Disc Jockey with little or no people skills, a dismal music library, shoddy equipment, and they either arrive late or not at all! Believe me we have heard it all before when Disc Jockeys and Mobile Discos receive a better offer and take it, not caring about who's special day they ruin. It could be the difference between a memorable event and an unforgettable nightmare!

As a company we only use pre-approved, reliable & professional Disc Jockeys, Mobile Discos and Travelling Discotheques. For the past 7 years we have been supplying quality entertainment for all types of functions from private birthday and wedding celebrations to large corporate and public events.

Whether you choose to contact us or opt to find a mobile disco on your own for your function here are some questions that you should ask.

Do you provide a Written Contract or Agreement?
It is very important to confirm your verbal agreement in writing, it should be clearly laid out and offer protection for both parties. The terms and conditions should be fair to both the DJ & Mobile Disco and the Booker. It should be signed both by you and the DJ & Mobile Disco.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?
It's really important for your entertainment to have public liability insurance, in today's world of No Win No Fee legal cases it is a must. As the event organiser if you book a travelling discotheque without public liability insurance and something happens due to negligence (i.e. cables not taped down to the floor, or speakers falling onto someone and causing injury) the courts will turn to the disco first, if he has no insurance they will then turn to the booker of the entertainment. With the written agreement you receive you should ask to see a copy of the DJ or Mobile Disco's public liability insurance certificate.

Is all of your equipment P.A.T Tested?
The P.A.T test (Portable Appliance Test) is not compulsory (at this moment in time), but more and more venues are insisting on equipment having the test and often need to see evidence before letting Mobile Discos set up their equipment. I have heard horror stories of mobile discos being booked and turning up to venues for a wedding celebration and being sent away by the venue for not having their equipment P.A.T. tested.

Is your Equipment of Professional Quality?
There is a huge difference between home audio equipment and professional roadworthy equipment. The equipment a mobile disco uses should be built to go on the road each and every day! Do not be afraid to ask this question in fear of the mobile Disc Jockey taking offence, if they have nothing to hide then they will be only too pleased to let you know what equipment they use.

Can I Choose the Songs I Want Played?
One of the most popular questions that is asked when booking a mobile disco. This is another argument for not going with the cheapest operator that is available. If a mobile disc jockey is attending your special event, being paid very little money they tend to see the evening as a night out for themselves and this can reflect in the type of music played. A professional good quality Disc Jockey is there to play to the audience regardless of their personal musical tastes. It should be no problem for a list to be sent over to the Disc Jockey well in advance of the booking date, and for the DJ to feature as many as possible on the night.

What will you wear on the night?
It should be no problem for a professional good quality Mobile Disco to dress appropriately on the evening of your function, whether it is formal wear (tuxedo/black tie) or to whatever theme you choose.

Will It Be Loud?
A Good Disc Jockey will be able to judge the volume and monitor the volume all throughout the night. If guests are talking early evening then the volume should reflect that and not intrude too much on guest's conversations. A professional Disc Jockey will have no problem if they are asked to turn it down.

Will they do more than just play music at our function?
Most functions involve more that just playing music. A professional mobile Disc Jockey will be more than capable of playing the music, handling all of the announcements throughout the evening and offer any helpful advice for any problems that may arise on the night.

The above list is just a few things that you should think about asking when booking a Disc Jockey, Mobile Disco and Travelling Discotheque for your special event.

It is important to find a DJ company that says yes to the above questions. All of the DJ and Mobile Disco's supplied by The Edge Entertainment Consultants will all answer yes, no problem to the above questions. Experience and quality are the most important factors in hiring your entertainment.

You will never be sorry when you invest in quality.

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