A Guide to Ceilidh Bands and Barndance Bands

Experience Not Essential!

The Dances are chosen to challenge but not baffle, a good caller will keep all on track. If you know your left from your right and can count up to eight, you can do it!

The Music.

Instruments played by Ceilidh Bands range from medieval to modern. The music comes from traditional sources – England, Ireland, America, Scotland and some parts of Europe. .

The old meaning of the word “Ceilidh”.

The meaning of the Gaelic “Ceilidh” (pronounced Kay-lee) was a gathering at which people sat around and talked, told stories, sang songs, played music and danced.

Booking the band.

The Edge Entertainment Consultants are able to offer one of the largest selections of Barn Dance and Ceilidh Bands in the UK.

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